The chance to get improved

In my opinion, scholarship offers are just like “heaven”. It lures us with a chance not only to study further, but also to live abroad. It’s really a big opportunity for people who have both of strong intention to study and passion to experience living overseas.

It cannot be denied that traveling becomes a popular trend nowadays. So many websites, blogs are talking about traveling and beautiful destinations around the world. Of course it really attempts people who never lived abroad like me to get out of the cage. Moreover, encouraging and inspiring posts from education practitioners like Rhenald Khasali and I Made Andi Arsana more and more burn passion their readers to achieve goal studying abroad. But how?? Yeah, gaining a scholarship is the most possible answer.

So which one is more important? Studying at foreign school or living overseas? It completes each other instead. You will get both of them if you receive any abroad scholarship.

I’m very very grateful because I’ve got a chance to study in Japan, the beautiful and neat country. I can breath Japan oxygen, I can walk through on clean pedestrian, I can follow the norm of daily activities without feeling patronized, and I can use public transportation comfortably. I also have a chance to do baito (part-time job) to be a teaching assistant in one High School in Sendai. It’s just amazing. The most important thing, I can gain knowledge from great Sensei in Tohoku University. It’s very priceless. I really hope this experience will open my mind and enrich my sight as well as be useful for Indonesia’s improvement in the future. InsyaAllah.

So, if you want to challenge yourself and get the experience you’ve never felt before, what are you waiting for?? You can acces the website of scholarship information here .

Try to apply scholarships now! Good luck!